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The opioid epidemic is destroying the lives of our loved ones, our families, and our community. But there is hope, and we can fight back. ADAMHS, along with Samaritan CrisisCare, the medical community, law enforcement, treatment centers, and community groups, is leading the charge in Montgomery County to deliver the recovery services and programs that can help end this crisis.

We Can Beat the Opioid Epidemic. Call 224-4646.

Get Help Now
Resources are available to help you or a loved one get on the path to recovery. Call (937) 224-4646 now.
Treatment Centers
Recovery isn’t easy, but you don’t have to go it alone. Locate a facility near you to get treatment today.
Narcan Training
You can be the difference between life or death when someone overdoses. Receive free NARCAN training.
Understand Addiction
Heroin addiction is a brain disease. Learn about this disease, treatment, and more support resources.

"Whether we are number one, number ten or number 100 is so much less significant than the fact that we have citizens dying daily. We are redoubling and tripling our efforts to keep the numbers from going even higher. I am glad to live in a community that understands we are in crisis and is willing to put all hands on deck to address the problem."
– ADAMHS Executive Director Helen Jones-Kelley

“Today’s heroin epidemic is unlike any drug epidemic that we have experienced. People need to know there is help available and that recovery from addiction can and does happen.”
– County Commissioner Dan Foley

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